The cull has begun ...

This week's TLS has a very interesting piece by Martha C. Nussbaum on why cuts in humanities teaching poses a threat to democracy itself. There'll be lots more of these pieces making what will no doubt be largely unheard pleas to the powers that be to recognise the importance of healthy, thriving arts and humanities courses.

But the cull has already begun.

This week Middlesex University, one of the post-92 universities, has decided to close its philosophy department. Yet its philosophy department is that university's highest ranking in terms of research. In fact, The Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy at Middlesex is widely and internationally recognised as one of the most important centres for the study of modern European philosophy. Incredible? A short-term outlook prevails where reputation and the long-term means diddly squat compared to the vocational subjects which will attract more government money. In a blog for the London Review of Books Paul Myerscought spells out the dangers of a society in which the arts and humanities increasingly move away from the post92 universities/former polys and so closing these disciplines down to even more sections of society. It cannot be allowed to happen. Sign the petition here. Visit the Save Middlesex Philosophy here.

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