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Now that we are under a Con-Dem government, my radar seems to be picking up, (but then there really is increased media focus) on the different degrees of left. George Monbiot, the environmentalist writer, claims that those group of individuals making up the LM (Living Marxist) Group/Network, such as Claire Fox, Brendan O'Neill, James Woodhuysen (with whom I share a publisher), Frank Furedi, Mick Huhne, and others, are guilty of the Trotsky tactic of 'entryism'. They have, he said, infiltrated senior policy making positions and are all media regulars (well, not as in ITV regular, more like Radio 4 regular!) and, far from being on the left (they all come from the Revolutionary Communist Party RCP), it is all just a front for right wing ideologies. I'm not sure. I can see how they are all for questioning/interrogating policy decisions and a culture that they claim is in a constant panic about morality/safety etc, but perhaps it's all just a ploy to influence decisions that will bring about the demise of capitalism sooner - in short, to help it reach the rock bottom that Marx said it would need to play out, before real social change occurs. But Monbiot, in claiming they are guilty of 'entryism', seems to overlook the fact that anyone who has gone the acceptable route (Oxbridge) and has received an education that has been purchased, is also guilty of 'entryism' - for purchasing is also a tactic to 'infiltrate'. Anyway, I'm thinking about it all. Here's a long but interesting (although scathing) article in the current issue of the London Review of Books, by Jenny Turner.

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