Social networking has been great for organisations such as The Tate. They get to advertise their current and upcoming exhibitions, ask for donations, and create a community of art lovers worldwide. However, there is a downside, as evidenced this morning on Facebook. Using the site, The Tate (Britain or Modern?), posted an ad for a proofreader. Great way to get the word out. You'd think. But the ad was for a 'volunteer intern'. Many comments followed, 99% of which were negative, including my own, that blasted an internationally renowned cultural institution for touting for unpaid work. There has to be an end, by law, to these unpaid positions that prey on young people desperate for experience to put on their CV and which also takes paid work away from those who need it. It is also blatantly discriminatory. Any unpaid position such as this automatically bars those from poorer backgrounds who do not have the luxury of a family to pay for their travel, food, clothes etc, whilst they are in said position.

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