Second-hand favourites

One of my favourite second-hand bookshops, owned by Keith Fawkes (a direct descendant of Guy Fawkes whose comment is usually sought once a year!), is situated on Flask Walk in Hampstead. Its very location adds to the bookish romantic and nostalgic feel that I enter into whenever I visit, although the attraction has waned somewhat in the past year due to the outside ledges and space being used for a woman who sells bric-a-brac. Yet one of the advantages lies in the fact that the shop is managed by an American man who has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of books covering every discipline. For almost a decade I have bought from here everything from popular fiction to 18th century poetry, (tatty) nineteenth century editions of Carlyle to philosophy (it is here I found a lovely cloth bound A History of Western Philosophy by once local Bertrand Russell) to fly-fishing, (I made that last one up for the alliterative effect, but I’m sure they are all here). Living in London we are spoilt for second-hand bookshops of all types, from the curiously chaotic to the efficiently organised – there’s also Judd Books – one of those rather cleaner, organised set-ups (but still retaining the distinct mustiness of used books) close to the British Library, as well as SKOOB in The Brunswick. Do you have a favourite or a local second-hand bookshop? Have you discovered any prize titles (or long sought after) that you have found?

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