iPhone for literature

It took me a while to get a smart phone. I had a blackberry whilst in a former PR position that came with the job, but I held off getting one for personal use. Then my brother, who 'is in' mobile telephony, said 'get a bberry'. So I did. And I loved how easy it was to have all my emails in one place etc. And then, this month it came to the end of its contract and my brother mentioned the BlackBerry Torch and I thought, ooohhhh, Torch! But then he added 'or you could get the iPhone 4'. My immediate response was 'no'. Why? I have no idea - maybe it's because I didn't want something that most other phone users seemed to have. And I didn't want to join in the general enthusiasm for it. I've only ever owned one mac and that was the old green retro ones. But then I discovered that the apps that could be had with the iPhone were in a different league to those of the BlackBerry, so I relented. And I'm glad I did - I took delivery of the new phone today and already I've downloaded the complete works of Shakespeare, the Communist Manifesto (I know!) and the Poetry Foundation's excellent and free poetry app, which allows you to search for poetry by theme or mood, and then you can upload them to facebook or twitter or simply email it on to a friend. Add a bit of poetry to anything and I'll have it.

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