I have been negligent of my blog of late. Two weeks ago saw me in Pendle, staying in a converted Piggery whilst trying (trying being the operative word) to progress the critical element of the PhD. I went for a couple of long walks, usually so good for the writerly part of the brain, got lost a bit and returned feeling a bit despondent. But it is still on its way. I am presenting a paper on how theory influences my writing at Kingston this Wednesday and so I have spent today on that, but have yet again struggled with focus and motivation. I'm not sure if it is just a lack of real effort on my part or whether I am just a bit jaded. Either way, it won't do itself! Before my trip I also bought Seamus Heaney's latest poetry collection 'The Human Chain'. It is beautiful, poignant, elegaic.

That's it for now - there is plenty more I could write about but will save it for a time when I feel more 'in it', if you know what I mean.

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