Paris Metro Murder and Cicero's Letters

This week's TLS has many tempting reviews that make me want to rush out and buy the books in question, which include 'Murder in the Metro' by Gayle Brunelle and Annette Finley-Croswhite. The book tells of the case of Laetitia Toureaux who was found alone and murdered on the Paris Metro in 1937. Political intrigue and double espionage ensues. There is also Peter White's 'Cicero in Letters', reviewed by William Fitzgerald. I was in total ignorance of Cicero's letters until reading this. There are 950 of them. White seeks to discover Cicero and his society, which prized urbanitas (cityness) - a sophisticated wit and a light touch', and dignitas. It was all about saving 'face' - deeply aware, if not hypervigilant, of each gesture and communication and the possible consequences. Fitzgerald wonders, as many have so often in the past decade, whether letter writing or 'epistolary relations' have come to an end with facebook et al. He concludes: If Roman letter writing was all about networking... then perhaps the wheel had come full circle. Perhaps. Can't imagine Cicero and Atticus LOLing and OMGing, though.

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