Readers books of 2010

Just before Christmas The Guardian ran the obligatory annual round up of writers and critics favourite books of 2010, now it's time for the readers favourites here. I am heartened to see that one of my own favourites, Joseph O'Connor's Ghost Light, has also made an appearance.
I have now holed myself up in Kew Starbucks for the afternoon, where I shall try to get some work done, despite the suddenly dodgy 'h' on my keyboard. Well, not so suddenly actually. This morning I was cleaning some of the dust from underneath the keyboard when I mistakenly lifted the 'h' up off its pad, before trying to stick it back on again! So, if from now on some of my posts are missing the '', you'll know wy!
I also need to point out a correction - in my end of year round up I referred to Carol Anne Duffy's Poet Laureateship - but we know that she took on the role in 2009! I'm not going back to correct it - that's the thing with blogs, they should have the ocassional iccup - if only to all the more convey the nature in which blogs are written - quickly!

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