Reading Fromm

I bought a friend Erich Fromm's 'Marx's Concept of Man' for Christmas. This friend loves Fromm's work but hadn't heard of this title, maybe because Fromm also has another book featuring Marx, Chains of Illusion: My Encounters with Freud and Marx, which is better known. Yet often, when I've spoken about him with other readers they seem oblivious to the Marxist philosophy at the heart of all his work.

Anyway, I hadn't read him for a while and noticed that I had lost my copy of this particular book, so I ordered it and it arrived this morning. I am going to read for pleasure this evening then, if reading Fromm can be called that. I think he can - I find him affirmative and nourishing, but then we are already on the same songsheet. I think I'm doing rather well in paying a little more regular attention to my blog than the latter half of last year. I hope it remains this way. I'm off to work in Paris for a few days from Monday and hope to fit some art in, which means more material for here.

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