Ted Hughes award shortlist announced

This blog is like waiting for the bus - wait for one post and two come almost at once. Anyway, the Ted Hughes award for New Work in Poetry shortlist has just been announced so thought I'd be a bit quicker off the mark:

Martin Figura for Whistle - 'the personal story of the death of Figura's mother at the hands of his father (!)
Katie O'Reilly for The Persians, a site-specific Theatre of Wales performance described as a 'beautifully poetic new version of Aeschylus' tragic play.
Christopher Reid for Song of Lunch (more specifically for the BBC 2 production).
David Swann for The Privilege of Rain - poems and prose written following a year as Writer in Residence at HMP Nottingham - includes wood cuts by Clare Dunne.
Katharine Towers for The Floating Man 'a powerful debut collection' recommended by the Poetry Book Society.

I have no favourite to back. The only one I know of is Christopher Reid, for his beautifully heartbreaking collection 'The Scattering', which won the Costa. Katie O'Reilly's play I would only get to see if I made the effort to go to Wales or it followed on from there with a tour. David Swann and Katherine Towers's collections both sound like they should be going on my 'to-read' list. But Martin Figura's Whistle sounds like a must-read, admittedly for the voyeuristic element of the personal and no doubt tragic story of his mother's death at the hands of his father.

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