Today I went to the Richmond Theatre for the first time. It's a quaintly grand building - a proper theatre. I saw a friend, Cassie Raine, play Anya Hendrik in Agatha Christie's 'Verdict'. It was a good play - twists and turns - and I didn't fidget once - despite suffering from a headache. Cassie played the Hungarian wife of Prof Hendrik, with whom she has had to seek exile in London because of his political ideals. Anya is also an invalid - a rather odd word now - looked after by her cousin, Lisa. Ali Bastion also stars as a generally spoilt mercurial minx. The emotions are played superbly by all - but I had to wonder at the inclusion of a young man who is meant to be one of the Professor's students. He seems to have no real place in the story, except for the Professor and the others to bounce the odd remark off. Maybe that's enough? There are many morals to this story, not least that people come before ideas and ideals. Verdict is on at Richmond until the end of the week and is touring throughout the UK.

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