Cameron on morality

What was the last book that David Cameron read? I don't know, but maybe it would be about learning to delegate public relations, because he's making a hash of it, as with much of everything else. Having just gone on his fifth break in 7.5 months the Express published commentary by him in which he talked of the UK in slow motion moral decline, whilst hinting that human rights are a waste of time. Fine, you may think that he's entitled to spout whatever mindless, reactionary rhetoric that he likes. Except the paper that he chose to write for is owned by a pornographer - Richard Desmond - who has just resurrected that archetype of cultural decline - Celebrity Big Brother. What I question more about Cameron than anything else is his obvious blindness to his own blatant hypocricy - anyone with half a brain - and bear in mind that this is a PM of a country still trying to unravel and unsucker the poisonous tentacles of the Murdoch media empire from our politics, (including his former Director of Comms - Andy Coulson) - would not choose to publish a lecture on morality in the Express. Richard Desmond is a man who made his millions from sexploitation - women baring all for the titillation of men. One can only assume that Cameron has (reluctantly) left Murdoch's bed only to jump in with Desmond - a frightening image - and thought.

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