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I can't ever remember reading the TLS Freelance column when it's been written by a woman. If it's not Hugo Williams, it's Michael Caines. I like Williams's, Caines not so much because he bangs on about the band that he's in. But this week's, by avid reader and critic Regina Marler, was perfect - if anything can be. She simply shares her years' long habit of recording what she's read - her book journals a better memoir or photo album as she looks back to see what she read as a young woman, then a mother... She evokes the simple pleasure of writing book title and author on a piece of creased paper before inserting it into an unmarked notebook. I like reading just as much, but writing - stories, yes, but the simple act of making shapes, letters on the promising page; handwriting. It was one of the things that I loved as a child - starting with pencil; using my tiny fingers to space the width between words; trying to make the perfect a, b, and c. And then cursive, connective, 'real' writing; joined-up. And then trying to achieve the elegant scribble that connotes elegance and intelligence. It's a shame you can't see that here. Maybe soon I shall find a stylus with a perfectly pointed nib that will enable me to really write - as much as I can in electronic form - and upload the file as a photo. It's doable on the iPad. Steve Jobs, back as a youngster, took one class in calligraphy - he said it was because of that one class that he included the fonts he did on the mac. He clearly understood the importance - or just sheer contemplative, tongue-lolling delight in the sample act of 'really writing' - or the aesthetic value of it - albeit on screen - iWriting soon, then.

RIP Steve Jobs. 1954-2011

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