I felt a bit blocked on the current writing project at the weekend and yesterday and this evening it resulted in the usual doubt that we all face - no matter what the project is. But, even if I take my feelings out of the equation and look at the stark facts, there is still scope for a very interesting, colourful story. Because it's partly historical it reassures me that bit more than it would if it were 'just' a contemporary work of the imagination. My main character actually lived both in the shadows - and yet also as muse - surrounded by a cast of many colourful characters. That's when I realised that I'm trying to rush the writing; the story. The truth is, whilst I've read up a bit it's nowhere near enough - and I'd be in danger of building only a house of sand and fog if I don't build a stronger foundation - it barely even matters if I don't use most of the information I collate, it serves to fuel a sense of confidence in what one is doing - trying to do. It's something i learned with Mary Burns. So, on the train home this evening I did a bit of tinkering around on the Internet (whilst cursing the delayed trains - again!) and find out that some of the major background figures, sisters - although living in London - sometimes spoke in Hindu to each other because they gad grown up in India. These are the details that weave colour and build idiosyncrasies that will further alienate my main character and set her apart - one of the things I need to convey. So, now I need to get a 19th century Hindu dictionary!


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