I had my phd viva this afternoon. I was grilled for over an hour on both the critical and creative elements of my thesis, and then it was suggested I go and get myself a coffee for twenty minutes. When I was called back I was put out of my misery with hearty congratulations from my internal examiner, Vesna Goldsworthy, and external examiner, Francis Spufford. I have minor revisions to make: add more justification for my use of a key term, a few typos, and a little bit on Ethel Carnie, and then it becomes official.

It's the end of what has been a fairly continuous eight-year journey. The phd took three years, but there was an MA and BA too. But I feel no appetite to dive into any other academic endeavour. That may change but if there is anything I doubt very much that it would be formal. I have to say that the examiners were lovely but did push hard on their points, but one can expect nothing less. So, it's onward, as ever.

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