I'm in Starbucks, partaking of the free wifi until I set off to Kingston to have dinner with my former phd supervisor. I'm still waiting to collect my iPhone back from being repaired, which has meant much less procrastination throughout the week.

Yesterday I went to the London Library and after a couple of hours of writing I borrowed a couple of books. The first one was the new 'Nine Lives of Shakespeare' by Graham Holderness, which received a very good review in the current issue of the TLS. I loved the first chapter, or life, as Shakespeare as writer. It could have been more academically rigorous but the series to which the book belongs aims to be wisely accessible. But many of the other lives were fictional, which I wasn't so much interested in. I shall be returning it tomorrow. I also got an old copy of Kathryn Anne Porter's Pale Horse, Pale Rider. I remember reading an article on this book a good while ago and thinking it must be one of those gems that gets forgotten about. I'm disappointed to relay that I found it to be a bit of a drag and put it down after about thirty pages, which must surely be a sufficient way in to decide whether a book is worth sticking with.

I was going to post on writers who suffer with migraines, spurred on by a piece in The Guardian by Naomi Alderman and the by now well known piece by Joan Didion, which I strongly identified with, but having to go and see my own doctor on Friday evening and talking about migraine management and rebound headaches caused by painkillers, I found myself doing yet more research. As a result I went out yesterday morning to stock up on the expensive high strength coenzyme Q10 and magnesium. I'm happy to report that yesterday and today have been ok. Of course, it may be placebo, as these types of supplements take a while to work, but if these wretched migraines and headaches are reduced then its worth it.


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