Radio faces

Hugo Williams is away this week from the Times Lit Supp's Freelance column. Instead Charles Boyle, acclaimed writer of 24 for 3 (Bloomsbury) and poet, charts some of his journey to enabling the birth of CB Editions. I've just been on the website and ordered a couple of titles, which I'll review on here in due course. I love the Manila bound books, featuring no more than title and author name; a suitable antidote to the competing covers on the creaking tables of Waterstones. (It has no apostrophe now, thanks to Daunt.) But then I browsed through the rest of the TLS, scratching my head at an advert for the Scarborough Literature Festival. You may already assume that I'm going to poke fun at this days-of-yore seaside town holding a literary festival - or if not quite literary then featuring literature. The hook, though, is:

Meet well-known faces from TV and Radio'.

I'm not sure which level of wrongness to start with. The radio faces or the well-known tv faces, the latter certainly being about as valid to a literature festival as flavoured vodka to an oenophile.


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