What Saturdays are for...

It's only two weeks to go now until I run my first 5k charity run. I repeated my activity of last Saturday morning and headed over to Regent's Park to run a lap of the outer circle - 3.1 miles (5k). Last week we, my work colleague who's also been running about the same length of time as I have, didn't quite make the 3 miles, so it was nice to stop today to see we'd managed 3:14! Ok, so the timing wasn't great, at 43 minutes, but we stopped to walk for a couple of minutes (a couple of times). We also chatter non-stop as we jog, which is a bit harder going. It was a lovely day, but I'm a but worried how much harder running will be in the warmer weather, when it saps all my energy just to walk to the shops! Onwards, though. It is nice to run around what I think of as London's most beautiful park, with its open-air theatre, its gardens, boating lake, ducks and geese, canal, zoo, and endless supply of shady nooks. I stopped off in Chiswick on my way back, mooched around second-hand books (bought Philip Roth's Patrimony), chewed on some fruit bread, did a bit of shopping before returning home for a nice long chat with a writer friend on 'writerly concerns', and no less important for that! It's my kind of Saturday. I have several books on the go now as I was also sent a review copy of 'Letters to Hitler', to read alongside the argument for evil to be a valid sociological category. It is rather apt. I've also got the London Under book and Patrimony now on the go. Yesterday evening I also ordered Gert Hofmann's Lichtenberg & The Little Flower Girl, translated by Michael Hofmann, and Days & Nights in W12, by Jack Robinson, both published by the very well regarded small press, CB Editions, which I mentioned in my previous post. Tomorrow I'm off to Tate Britain, to see the Picasso in Britain exhibition. He's not really my cup of chai, Picasso, but it's had good reviews, and I do like meeting friends at the Tate. But I do wish, in the pursuit of balance, that the working week was four days.


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