I have just broken through the 5,000 word mark on the first draft of my new project. It feels like a proper beginning, but I dare not wonder about how many more words, how many more scenes, need to be excavated and examined. It is not fiction, which makes it harder - perhaps easier; I don't know. It's like a memoir. Fragments. I wrote it all in longhand. I had spent £17 on a small notebook especially. I do that. But then there's the typing up, which I've now done, hence the word count. Despite this I'm also reading. Following Victor Lodato's P.E. I bought the kindle version of Mathilda Savitch, his first novel. There is not a word wasted - the descriptions are full and concise. It is the perspective of a thirteen year old girl grieving the death, suicide, of her older sister. I'm also meant to be reading State of Wonder by Anne Pratchett, though I've barely begun; it's for my reading group.


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