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The owner of Addison Lee minicab company, John Griffin, this week made inflammatory comments regarding cyclists on our roads. He offered to pay the fines of his thousands of minicab drivers to drive in the bus lanes illegally, thereby putting cyclists in increased danger, so that he could add to his already deep coffers.

He is lobbying the present government - having donated to the Tories - to allow minicabs to use bus lanes, which will defy their very purpose, become a greater hindrance to the buses, cyclists and the highly regulated, trained and self-employed black taxi drivers.

This is clearly a man who thinks that he can throw money at the powers that be in order to create far more for himself.

about it on Friday, and Beth Anderson, another cyclist, set up a Die In, which is taking place outside the AL offices at 6pm tomorrow (please do join the group on Facebook). I also put forward the cyclists case on yesterday's Radio 4 PM programme, in which Griffin seemed to backtrack (backpedal!) somewhat, yet who still wants to use bus lanes.

David Mitchell has also written a piece in today's Observer.

Ian Austin MP has promised to table questions in the Commons this week.

Our cause as cyclists is a simple one - we need to increase our safety, not decrease it. We are cutting carbon emissions in the process, much needed in our already badly air polluted capital, and we would love to see more people cycling!

Please sign the petition, which calls for the AL license to operate to be revoked in light of Griffin's anti-cycling, illegal anti bus-lane vendetta.


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