Ok, so it's been a little while since my last post. I tried to get into Anne Pratchett's Orange short listed title, A State of Wonder, but gave up ten pages in. Or about ten pages. It just felt sooo dry. So this month I'm reading William Boyd's Waiting for Sunrise and I am enjoying it. I've also been busy thinking about my Mary Burns book. I've now taken her strand from the book, which sits alongside a contemporary alter ego, and am focused on making it richer, and more 'Victorian', which will contrast against the sparser prose style of the contemporary strand. And will, I hope, bring Mary more to life. That means more multi-clausal sentences, which can work, particularly when describing a landscape of packed images. Or satirising. We shall see. I want to do her justice. And then, once I've paid more attention to it, and reconsidered its position, physically, alongside or alternating with the contemporary strand, I shall send it back to Verso for their thoughts. As ever most of my reading matter had been of the social/political type. Yesterday's Observer ran a brilliant, withering editorial of Osborne's gross mishandling - and misunderstanding - of the UK economy. Then David Cameron is lecturing the Greek people on the EU situation, which is a bit bloody rich. Why on earth would they listen to him? Arrogance and entitlement of voice for voice's sake can be a tedious thing. Ed Balls put out a much healthier comment this morning, saying that the matter - the decision on whether to stay in or pull out of the EU is up to Greece.
I bought a new bike this weekend - a cream Trek Allant, with a wicker basket on the front. It's much faster than my previous Trek Navigator - and lighter. I'm lightening up a fair bit lately. I've even splurged out on some lighter additions to my wardrobe. I can get stuck in a rut until I suddenly realise that the vast proportion of my clothes are dark and say little. I worry about spending money you see - think I should be saving all disposable income for a future deposit on a flat. But that seems impossible. So, I tell myself, spend a bit of money on clothes - update the bike - and maybe the next job will enable me to save enough to actually make a difference - save enough to at least make me feel that a deposit is somehow possible! One cannot just save, whilst living in cold, less than desirable rented rooms - it brings on despair too often. It's ridiculous, of course, that anyone working full time shouldn't have a suitable home. But that is the south for you. There you are. A little update. I hope to have a more bookish post soon.


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