Catch up

Last week I wrote an article for CiF/Guardian asking whether Louise Mensch, the Tory MP for Corby, should be setting up a new business (a political discussion site called menshn!) whilst she is also meant to be a full-time MP.

Having finished King Crow I am now loathe to return to I Know This Much is True. I have this week off, I'm glad to say, leaving me some precious time to get on with rewriting Mary Burns. But I won't be just stuck in front of a laptop. I've also built in catch ups with a few friends (it's amazing how one neglects these when working/travelling long hours). Wednesday I'm off to spend the day at the St Pancras Renaissance hotel's spa for a spot of rest and recuperation - sauna, swim, snoozing. Thursday may involve the London Library and cycling, and Friday will see myself and a friend heading out to Wye, the North Downs village and birthplace of Aphra Behn, for a six-mile circular trek that will hopefully provide clarity of mind and oxygen!


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