Blogacy - for my nephews and niece(s)

I have sometimes wondered what will remain of me in the memories of my nephews and niece (and another on the way, courtesy of my sister). The aunt who lived in London who sent us books, and every time she visited, or we visited her, took us to a museum or a gallery - and always banged on about learning. And politics. That one.

I have sometimes felt it would be nice to write a little book for them, charting their family tree from the Webb side (and the maternal side of course). But then I realised, they may have this blog; this will be my blogacy!

To them, I bequeath my web words.

Regarding books. Read Orwell.

Start with Animal Farm then move onto Down and out in Paris and London.

Or not.

Try Jack London's The Star Rover, especially if you ever find yourself in prison.

If you need identification for how you feel, or if you're going through a hard time, faced with homelessness, destitution, despair, divorce, death or just plain old alcoholism - pick up a good novel - if you don't find reassuring identification, you'll find escape. How do you know if a book is good? Read it. In time you'll be drawn to themes. As long as you don't develop a taste for novels where everything ends happily ever after - they're bullshit and are responsible for creating much misery. Aim for the diverse and the interesting and the subtle and the ones that are not formulaic. Or not.

There'll be times when you can barely open a book let alone read. Try a few lines of poetry that can help you conjure up an image. I picked up Bernard O'Donohugh's selected poetry yesterday whilst on the tube and meditated on the one feeling, the image of 'In Ireland, the rain's eavesdropping on the silence'. Develop a feeling for the poignant. It will provide you with reassurance that you are human. And humane. And sometimes that one poignant image, which doesn't have to come from a book, but could come from the most mundane aspect of daily life, will have you welling up.
Cry. The tears will save you. They are good.

Although if you find yourself crying all the time, and for no reason, seek help. And take regular walks. And remember to eat good food. By good I mean wholesome. If you want to eat a bowl of porridge with a big dollop of honey on for dinner then go ahead; the only rules are the ones you choose to accept. Or tolerate. Food shouldn't be one.

And then read some comedy. A bit of Spike Milligan.


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