The last of 2012

I won't be doing my annual round-up because I just haven't been as culturally connected this year; the joys of being too busy with the day job. And I'm not sure if I even did one last year. My previous post did, however, name a few 2012 faves. Today I spent a few hours sorting through hundreds of books - paperbacks mainly - ready to be recycled. For years I've been unable to part with any books unless they were great and I wanted to pass on the odd one of them to friends and family. But today I figured, just keep some of the ones I've not yet read and a good few shelves of those I really want to keep. And the result so far is seven garden-sacks worth of books waiting to leave me. And I've still to go through another six or seven shelves worth. Having to cull books forced me to focus on the space that they take up. No bad thing, to have books around. But it seems something of a vanity to have hundreds of them, getting dusty, and never read or even referred to. They were just sat sitting there. I suppose it is also a sign of the times. I have a fair few now on my iPad. And then there's the library. Those that are still open. I suppose not wanting to part with the lion's share of the books was also about not wanting to let go of the studious life I led for over eight years, and which commenced properly on New Year's Day 2003. The day I became a non-smoker.

The books, you see, replaced the fags!

And a useless 'relationship' that was never going to go anywhere.

I say giving up the cigarettes had one real effect - it pumped more oxygen to my brain. It made me think more constructively. This led to saying goodbye to the aimless years-long fling. And this led to the first degree. Then the second. And then the PhD. As if I didn't have enough on my plate holding down either a full-time, or two part-time, jobs at the same time. I didn't stop. And whilst I'm still very busy, it's different. And I still have a book I'm writing. But it isn't all consuming. And yet this worries me a bit because writers are wedded to their works whilst writing them! And it's a book about my Mum that needs to draw on real feeling! I'm hoping to set back to work on it in 2013 though. Although I don't mind if I don't get it finished next year. Easy does it, but do it. And have some FUN!

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