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Carnie and others

I know. It's been a while since my last post. The cause is the writer's usual; the day job. But also it's the weekends I've spent writing the introduction to this September's re-issue of Miss Nobody, by Ethel Carnie. It's exciting that it will be published on the centenary of the original publication. I was in the British Library's Newspaper Library in Colindale last Saturday, reading through back issues of The Woman Worker and the paper she and her husband, Alfred, edited - The Clear Light. Below is a section of 'adverts' from one issue, which struck me in their verve and immediacy. And to think it was written in c1908! 
Anyway, I think I've finished the intro, which I sent across yesterday to Carnie champion and series editor Dr Nicola Wilson, of Reading University. Nicola also wrote the introduction to This Slavery, the re-issue of another of Ethel's novels. What I would be keen to see published is a collection of Ethel's journalism. R…