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Plays. Plays. Plays.

I thought I'd at least mentioned, in a previous post, one of the plays I'd recently watched. But it seems not. Recent theatre evenings include Amen Corner at The National, Marie-Ann Jean Baptiste's first UK appearance since Mike Leigh's Secrets and Lies. It was an uplifting performance all round - from Marie-Ann as the Pastor of a run-down church, to the live band who I had not even realised were playing just behind the main set, to the gospel choir parts of the play. It is, ultimately, the argument between spirit and religious conformity. Originally written by James Baldwin. 
I was also astonished by Blavatsky's Tower, which was performed at the lovely intimacy of Baron's Court Theatre in Kensington. Astonished isn't the word. I admit that most theatres I've ever been to have been the major players: Donmar, National, Old Vic, et al, but rarely had I been fringe or 'off-fringe'. Blavatsky's Tower had me riveted in the scarily cohesive perform…