I Found My Horn

Yesterday evening I went to see the second west end run at Trafalgar Studios of 'I Found my Horn', which was adapted by a book written by journalist Jasper Rees.

It's a slightly high brow feel good play about a newly divorced Dad of one and his mid life crisis who feels a sudden urge to perform the French horn solo that he so catastrophically failed when he was still at school - 31 years ago.

It was co-written for the stage, and performed by Jonathan Guy Lewis. It was directed by Harry Burton, he of Working with Pinter, and who has not long returned from Copenhagen, where he directed stage play Carnage. As a film Carnage was directed by Roman Polanski and started Jodie
Foster and Kate Winslet. Disclosure: Harry is a friend - one who is never less than creatively generous and just a really good, hard working man who is dedicated to drama.

Jonathan Guy Lewis played about seven different roles - from the Chezch voiced French horn itself, to his teenage sullen son and a good few fellow French horn players whose regional or non- accents were delivered perfectly by Lewis. It was about halfway through the 125 minute performance that I felt carried along with his need - conveyed so realistically - to perform a French
Horn solo. Never did I think I would ever know so much about a musical instrument! In the first half there seemed to be too many puns and jokes that I'm guessing were music / horn related, but which a good portion of the intimate audience knowingly laughed along to.

At the end I was amazed at Lewis's endurance and the intensity with which he had to perform.

I'm still working on a play that I began writing last year. But I'm pleased to say that the first draft is having its first reading at a drama workshop in Richmond this Sunday by actress Selina Giles, who will read the main role, and three others. It's exciting that it will suddenly have some life - even though I already anticipate cringing at my own words, and crossing lots out as it's read.


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