Manchester House pays homage to City's Radical Past

Ok, so. Just a fairly quick post. The Pulitzer Prizes were announced this week. Donna Tartt won for fiction with Goldfinch. Annie Baker won for Drama with The Flick. Vijay Seshadri won for Poetry with 3 Sections published by the uber-brilliant Graywolf Press. Talking of theatre I am hoping to have a finished play text of my own by the time the Easter break is done with. Mind you, I'm also off to the Old Vic on Friday to see Old Desert Cities, which has earned considerable acclaim in the US. I have expectations, it's fair to say. The Telegraph has published a strange list of the top 20 British and Irish novels. Most of them can't be argued with - but I have to ask, where the heck are the Brontes? To not include even one is (at the risk of sounding chattering class bourgeois) outrageous. Good to see Banville's The Sea though. And finally, a bit of telly - well, downloaded from iPad. Restaurant Wars focuses on two restaurants opening in my native Manchester. Simon Rogan opens New French at that old bastion of middlingdom The Midland Hotel, which, it's got to be said - can't be first choice of venue for hip happening gourmands with cash to splash. Aiden Byrne, on the other hand, who's opening at Manchester House, seems bang on the money. His menu is exciting and pays full homage to Manchester's very radical and working class heritage - including its strong Irish links and its part in acid (aceeeed!) house! Aidan showed he knew Mancunians when he said 'Mancunians won't be told what to do or what to eat.' He also said he wouldn't be telling them what to wear either. Anyone who knows Manchester knows first of all that you can tell a Mancunian but you can't tell 'em much. Rogan however, basically said 'we'll tell Mancunians what they should be eating.' And then doesn't even produce a menu! Needless to say, Aiden is much more likeable. Rogan is a bit of a tool, and shaming one of his kitchen staff on TV is not on. Manchester House with Aiden Byrne's very exciting menu are on my list for my next visit. And I hope it becomes THE place to eat. Onwards!

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