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End of the year...

It's been five months since my last post, or thereabouts. A lot has happened.

In the spring I started dating a lovely man. We already knew each other and had many chats over the year or so since we'd met. In the summer we were a definite item and took our first trip away, to Cyprus. And we had agreed to move in together. And have our basement flat in London refurbished. I say 'our flat' because it was already his, but whilst it wasn't yet his home, it was mine.

Yes reader, I dated my landlord. But that's not all.

In the autumn, whilst I was on a work trip in North Devon, we got engaged. And in the winter - just two weeks ago in fact - we got married at Chelsea Town Hall. This was followed by a few days away in the New Forest, and a celebratory dinner held in Arundel for his family. So, yes, it's been rather a different year, with something for each of the four seasons! Hence my blogging hiatus.

Writing, though, is always on my mind. It's a constant.…