Mumbai Slums and a Tree

The first week back at work, following a lovely fortnight with my darling Husby, was hard. To say the least. (Cliche alert!) Too much to do, too little time in which to do it. However, tending to the cultural side helped. Our first theatre outing of 2015 was to see Behind the Beautiful Forevers at the National Theatre. It had received lots of fab reviews. It follows a motley crew of 'recyclers', or rubbish collectors, whose only form of income is derived from the collection of plastic bottles, cans... the detritus of western capitalism as it takes hold in developing countries. I was most enlivened by the earthy language and expletives mouthed by sari-wearing mothers. One of the daughters insistently reads Woolf's Mrs Dalloway - asking why on earth it's important - a book about preparing for a dinner party. The first half had the flavour of Teresa Raquin - rivalries, fights... It was compelling. At the interval, Husby and I wondered where the story would go. I said it would end in a court trial, following one of the women - a cripple (her words) dies - after insisting her rival and family did it. The second half was so disappointing - it lacked depth and direction. But the theatre was packed and it was very well received.

The following week saw myself and Arabella at the Old Vic (I'm currently reviewing a history of the Old Vic - more later!) to watch a well formed perfectly placed 90 minute play Tree. Two male actors. One in a tree, complete with safety gear, and one waiting down by the tree. It was a funny and well paced play - although some of the dialogue was laboured and hackneyed and some responses repeated needlessly, aiming at cheap laughter from another packed house. There's a good old-fashioned twist in the end, which had me musing on whether I'd been had. Lots of positive tweetings on it - Richard Curtis, the film man, was there on 'our' night. I don't know if he tweeted on it. A good play with good acting. 

A film found its way into the post work schedule. Me and
Husby trotted off to our nearby posh film house, Olympic, in Barnes to see the brilliant Birdman. Ed Norton and Michael Keaton are fantastic. 

Tonight's it's off to see The Theory of Everything. 

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