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Hangmen, New Yorker, etc.

Martin McDonagh returned to the theatre with Hangmen, currently playing at Wyndham's, starring David Morrissey as England's Chief Hangman in capital punishment's dying days. The performance was assured and everything it ought to be. The script was taut and black and funny - and a masterclass in tight editing to leave in everything that matters. The trip to watch Hangmen was a gift from the Husby to mark our first wedding anniversary. And, as the first is paper, what better way than a theatre ticket? I'm off to the National on 30th to watch 'Evening at the Talk House', and then on 2nd January to the Bush Theatre to see Forget me Not. 

This year has been markedly different from the previous twenty in that I pitched in my lot to move in with the Husby in Worthing. Say it again - Worthing. It's an odd town with need of a sharp, dark underbelly or a good slice of culture. The thing that's good about it is that we are practically on the sea and the Downs. Toda…