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Evening at the Talk House - The National and Toast, UK tour

On the eve of New Year's Eve, I went to watch Evening at the Talk House at the National. Billed as a 'world premiere', the play, by long-established playwright Wallace Shawn, left myself and it would seem many others, somewhat nonplussed. The Guardian claimed that 'Shawn throws a hell of a party' and that he 'tackles political barbarism via showbiz butchery'. Then proceeded to award it three stars. It has received that death knell of 'mixed reviews', which was proclaimed by a woman behind me as we left the Dorfman Theatre at the National. It opened with a longish prologue to audience, which could easily have been removed; the play was 140 minutes without interval, and the prologue (more of an over indulged Galway Kinnell type broadcast on a long summer's southern evening) served little purpose - and besides, who really listens to such devices and stores the information in their head to inform later actions of the drama? Not me. Set in what was m…