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Five Finger Exercise - The Print Room, Notting Hill

The Print Room theatre, in the grand old Coronet on Notting Hill Gate, is one of the few mid-size theatres that I haven't attended, until Saturday. My Husby booked surprise tickets to Peter Shaffer's 1958 play, Five Finger Exercise. The interior is atmospheric faded grandeur; the sort that goes down well with the mixed locals, which cover the entire demographic span. There were a few old Kensington dames with (real, alas) furs and gold earrings - and old chaps wearing thick corduroys or red chinos accessorised with a bit of paisley. And a healthy younger crowd too. We ordered a drink from the bar - a large basement with lots of rugs thrown across the floor, well positioned second-hand books on various surfaces, and the bar itself - a piano with a glass cover. The theatre is a similar layout to the cinema upstairs, except colder, but that wasn't an issue as each straight back wooden chair had a blanket, ready to be snuggled around one's shoulders, or across the lap. It …