The Caretaker...

Timothy Spall played Pinter's The Caretaker at the Old Vic, which is currently running until May. His performance was first rate and he excelled at the grunts of an old homeless man keen to manoeuvre his way into a roof over his head, albeit a very leaky one. However, looking back, I realise I had always viewed Davies the caretaker as more of a Steptoe character. If I had to make a complaint it would be the two intervals, when one would have done. I once drafted a novel that featured Davies making a home for himself in the Berkeley Square gardens, where a 'nightingale sings'. Not sure what happened to that particular MS, but I'm sure a virtual copy of it exists, ready to take a fresh look at.

Since my last post in February we have moved - into one of the very many new homes being built in this neck of the woods. We are in Goring-by-Sea (which is still Worthing, alas!) but we have a lovely view of Highdown Hill from the kitchen and bedroom windows.

Next week I am off to the mother country, Eire, for five days, taking in Mayo, Roscommon, Cork, and Limerick - and also Waterford being that there was the closest hotel to Mitchelstown in Cork. Ireland does a brisk trade in hotel rooms, it would seem. I'm sure there should be a literary themed post to pen whilst there. Scant words this time, but more anon.

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