An Enemy of the People - Chichester Festival Theatre

The hubby and I went to see An Enemy of the People at Chichester Festival Theatre. It was our first time at this well-planned out theatre. Hugh Bonneville starred in this Ibsen play, as a scientist who writes a report declaring the water in the town to be contaminated. But no thanks here because the town is banking on the water to bring in hordes as part of its plan to become a spa town. The Mayor is not happy, urging the scientist to at least 'water' the report down, pardon the pun, with recommended action to be in more manageable steps. But the scientist can't lie - even when the Mayor is his very own brother. The story itself was predictable - speaking truth to power, with no help from the local newspaper - and a few long speeches - but the second half was much more dynamic than the first half, with a town meeting taking place in amongst the audience. Overall, a good 'visitor experience', but somewhat predictable. What may have made this play much more contemporary is as a play about the press and its role as an 'organ of truth' as opposed to mere sensationalist rag, or propaganda machine. 

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