Ross - Chichester Festival Theatre - George Shaw at the National Gallery 'My back to nature'.

Last Friday we attended the first night of Ross at the Chichester Festival Theatre. Ross was the nom de guerre of T.E. Lawrence, aka 'Lawrence of Arabia', a role played admirably by Joseph Fiennes.  The play used Lawrence's time in the RAF, post-Arabia' as a frame through which his main drama could be told; of his time in Arabia. The CFT was the perfect theatre to tell this story and all seats were taken. The play introduced a spot of multi-media with a projector screen flickering old arabesque clips and music. The melancholy of the piece was shot through with black humour. No actor could ever meet the performance of Peter O'Toole, but Fiennes made a good go of it, succeeding in reaching some of the same moods. 8/10.

This week I am excited to be planning to go to the National for George Shaw's Back to Nature exhibition. I love Shaw's work - it's genuinely fresh and yet old at the same time, using, as he does his enamel paint. This exhibition seems to draw out the darkness that finds a home in woodlands and forests. I'll post a summary post-visit.

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