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Jekyll & Hyde Rose Theatre, Kingston

Off to the Rose Theatre earlier in the week, in Kingston, with Husby, teenage stepdaughter and the teenage son of an old friend of Husby to see Jekyll & Hyde. Stepdaughter is studying it as the nineteenth century novel (even though it’s a novella!) element of the GCSE in English Literature. A throng of similarly aged sat on cushions in front of the stage, overlooked by a full house across three tiers. Phil Daniels played Jekyll/Hyde in what I think was an Edinburghian accent for Jekyll and a Glaswegian accent for Hyde. Daniels excelled in the both roles, and created a physical transformation  of body and face when in Hyde mode. Rosie Abraham, who played the maid, also delivered a brilliant performance with a Dorset accent and plenty of attitude. In fact we all mentioned her as we discussed it afterwards. My only complaint is that it was too traditional; Jekyll & Hyde is one of those stories that can be played with; a few more risks could have been taken.